Your Company is a Value Engine

What is the connection between a firms stock price and sales and marketing? This is a fundamental question in understanding how to radically simplify businesses and achieve breakthrough performance. To begin, we need to start with some simple basics about how a company is valued.   A publicly traded company like General Electric (GE) is ownedContinue reading “Your Company is a Value Engine”

Simplfy Your Message By Communicating An Outcome to Your Customers

Executive buyer survey reveals hug gap with sellers Each year, over four years between 2010 and 2014, my team at Forrester Research studied executive buyers.   We designed a study following the assumption that while buyers ultimately vote with their money, they really are in control of the whole sales process by how they chooseContinue reading “Simplfy Your Message By Communicating An Outcome to Your Customers”

Changed Economy Example: AMC Movies

This article from the New York Times is a great example of the blurring lines of industries and the forces driving whole scale change in industries.   AMC, a movie chain, has recently hired a CEO from Starwood (hotels) to run its business and now will begin thinking more like a restaurant.   As obviousContinue reading “Changed Economy Example: AMC Movies”

Executing with Bi-Focal Lenes

aligning the vision of your business strategy with your organization’s ability to execute.  Perhaps one of the most important is making sure the execute responsible for the results (who that is is an entirely different conversation) is wearing bi-focal lenses. This is an excellent metaphor I picked up in one of the many facilitated workshopsContinue reading “Executing with Bi-Focal Lenes”

Influential Books and The Key Take Aways

I want to share an inventory of the important books that I’ve read, what the key learning was and how it has influenced my thinking. 1984, by George Orwell.   The idea about Newspeak; creating a language to control people, was so shocking and profound it left me open to different ways of thinking aboutContinue reading “Influential Books and The Key Take Aways”