Our expertise is focused on activating sales results by either creating enabling programs from scratch, combing related efforts into more focused programs, integrating misaligned systems, or helping to eliminate distractions.  This includes anything a company does that is designed to help bring in revenue more effectively or more efficiently, directly or indirectly.  This massive list of activities, efforts, initiatives and technology is sales enablement, and in many cases random acts of sales enablement.

Our Approach

We possess a huge library of proven frameworks and methodologies accumulated over 10 years and through over 100 different engagements.   This library is too overwhelming to share so we apply it in pieces through our approach:

Business Concept

Multi-Point Diagnostics Based on Over a Decade of Research 


Working with business leaders, we run very detailed diagnostics to uncover the challenges and opportunities for a given situation.  Our models are through, research based, and quantitative.   A diagnostic report will uncover specific points where you engine can be improved, estimates of improvement returns, and phased recommendations that always start with “low hanging fruit” actions.   Most of the time, these actions just require the will to stop given actions and benefit realizations are felt immediately.

We offer qualitative and quantitative diagnostics which cover:



We take the diagnostic step as deep as you need to go. We know that some organizations need precision, while others want to simply be directionally correct. Our approach and our tools are constructed to accommodate both desire.

Business People Analyzing Statistics Financial Concept

Collaborative Working Style to Make It Fit for Your Company

Test and Learn

We start smart when we implement solutions. There is no shortage of plays in the playbook to enable sales. In fact, we typically find companies doing too much without enough insights into performance and unintended consequences.

During our test and learn phase, we select the strategies and tactics that are best designed to solve the challenges and deliver the agreed upon results. We pilot each initiative selectively and intelligently. We track the uptake, buy in and success; the human and business elements. Testing is about knowing the use, the success and the impact on the people. From that foundation, we learn, tune adapt and improve.

In this step we typically test and learn 2-4 initiatives. These initiatives could include either improvement to existing programs or altogether new initiatives. Equally important in this step is shutting down efforts that lack the proper construct and oversight to succeed. Often times, the value of shuttering things is equal to the value of starting things.

While our test and learn efforts are small in scale, they are comprehensive in scope. We want to ensure integration across everything the stakeholders We test and earn that the outcome is additive to efforts and any unintended consequences are identified and remediated.


Activate and Energize Your Teams to Scale Results

Select and Activate

Based on results of the test and learn phase and stakeholder feedback, we select the right strategies to improve commercial performance. We have the empirical evidence of success, we have the buy in from our participants and we have the evangelist in our leadership team. These three form a great foundation to activate initiatives successfully across the commercial system.

Our goal is to activate targeted, impactful, purposeful acts of sales enablement to improve commercial system performance and outcomes.

Activation succeeds when we take what we learned and define what that means at scale. Or planning methodologies are detailed in scope and human in design, meaning they need to operate within your commercial operating system and work for your people. Too many time initiatives fail because they operate in isolation, aren’t people focused and fail to wholly consider the customer.

Selection and activation is not simply rolling it out. It includes training, coaching, mentoring and the entire support and managements system designed to enable best in class application and sustain success. We don’t simply throw it over the transom.  In our test and learn our scope is comprehensive. That is the scope that has been tested and honed through learning and it is built for global commercial system activation.